Louisville, KY, Mar. 23, 1996
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Chris Anderson

picture from Atlantic Records' Digital Arena

Me and a couple of my good friends went down to Louisville, KY to see the show at the Brewery. They were there, as we did not expect, with Poe. When we finally got in to the bar we asked one of the bartenders what time the show started, and if we could pay for it now. She then told us that the show had been sold-out for the night and that the only way we could get tickets is if we had a job there. As disappointed as we were to hear this we walked outside on the deck and tried to figure out what we were going to do. We then looked around and saw Cameron Stone of Poe outside talking to the bus driver of 7M3. We walked up and said hey, and that we drove four hours from Terre Haute Indiana to find out we couldnt get tickets. After hearing that from us he said, "no man I'll get ya in, no problem whats your names".....that was probably the best thing I heard all day. A few minutes later Casey from 7M3 came up and shot the sh** with us for about an hour, along with Toby from Poe,...and a couple of rodies talked with us for while as well. As the night went on and we got to know Cameron, he let us in to listen to the pre-show set. Both bands were really down to earth guys, just normal cool people. Ive met a lot of bands and a lot of them seem to not have the time to chat, Im glad we had the chance to talk to them all, and to see what they were really like. Thanks to Cameron Stone, we got to see one of our favorite bands perfrom, and the show kicked ass!!.....Thanks Guys!

Adam Querker
My name is Adam Querker and two other friends and I had just seen the show (Poe and Seven Mary Three) at the Brewery in Luisville Kentucky. We drove 4 hours from Terre Haute In. (Not that you might of ever heard of it) and when we got there it was sold out. We ended up meeting Cameron Stone of Poe and Casey Daniels of Seven Mary Three. They were nice enough to give us some passes to be able to see the show. If we never saw them we would have made a worthless 4 hour journey. Needless to say, the show was awesome and the members of the bands were just as cool. We just want to say thanx and good luck to them in the future.

J. R. Reed
Thanks for the info. I saw 7M3 in Louisville just this last Saturday and must say they ROCK!

I'd never been to an "alternative-college music" concert before but will be going quite often now.

Joan Osborne went to school right down the road from where I live, so she's next on my "to see" list along with Alanis.

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